Top hints dropped by girlfriends who are ready to get married

Top hints made by women who are ready to get married:

Casually asking ‘Who would you have as your best man?’

Leaving pages open in jewellery magazines

Jokingly suggesting applying to appear on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’

Stopping to look in jewellers’ windows

Asking out-of-the-blue ‘Do you see yourself getting married one day?’

Saying ‘It could be us next …’ at a friend’s wedding

Pointing out ring sizes

Getting family members to ask you ”When are you going to make an honest woman of her?’

Fiddling / playing with a ring on another finger

Mentioning always wanting a specific type of ring

Pointing out that a friend’s partner has proposed

Starting a random discussion about mum’s / grandmother’s ring

Discussing the length of time parents have been married

Emailing links to ‘holiday’ destinations that do honeymoon packages

Suggesting watching television shows or movies with wedding themes

Looking at or even trying on wedding dresses

Commenting on celebrity’s wedding / engagement rings

Cutting out pictures of rings from magazines and leaving them lying around

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Source: Top hints dropped by British girlfriends who are ready to get married