80% of This Year’s Black Friday Deals Will Be the Same as Last Year

The Black Friday deals from all the big stores are going to start “leaking” soon.  But if you can’t wait and want some spoilers . . . just check out last year’s ads.

The “Wall Street Journal” just did a study on Black Friday deals and they found that they’re almost identical every year.

They compared the 2014 Black Friday ads from Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and J.C. Penney with their 2015 ads, and they found 80% of the products were IDENTICAL.

And 43% of the prices that they promoted on the front of their ads were also identical.

A spokesperson from Target explained their reason for doing that, quote, “Black Friday ads are intended to showcase the products our guests want.  There are some that tend to be popular year over year.”

A retail consultant named Michael Appel has a different theory, though.

Quote, “Retailers regard Black Friday as a day when they have to protect their business.  They will go with the tried and true, as opposed to stepping out and trying to be innovative.  It’s like replaying your greatest hits.”

Source: Black Friday’s Inside Secret: Same Deals Every Year – WSJ